South Ockendon Accountants, Trueman Brown, are a small firm of accountants who keep their clients up-to-date with the latest developments.

Over the last few months, a number of our clients have contacted us about emails and, in one case a mobile phone text, purporting to be from HMRC stating that the client is due a tax rebate.

The emailsĀ  and texts provide a click-through link to a replica of the HMRC website. The recipient is then asked to provide their credit card details.

This is a SCAM. HMRC will not email or text you!

Fraudsters are trying to obtain information about their bank account in order to try to strip funds from their account.


Our advice if you receive one of these emails or texts is:-

  • Do NOT click on any links or open any attachments to the email or text; and
  • Forward a copy of the email to HMRC at mailto:/; and
  • Delete it permanently!

South Ockendon Accountants, Trueman Brown, state that if you are in an doubt contact on 01708 671910.