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While most press coverage has concentrated on the European Union Constitution, there were some articles in the Press concerning the new State Pension. The Daily Mail run an article entitled “Housewives told they will miss out on State Pension”

Why will anyone miss out?

The new single- tier state pension has been introduced for UK citizens who reached their state pension age on or after 6th April 2016. People who reached the state pension age prior to 6th April 2016 will continue to receive their pension calculated under the old rules.

Under the new rules, to qualify to receive the new state pension, an individual MUST have accumulated at least 10 qualifying years of National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

Housewives and other individuals who have not worked the requisite amount of time to accumulate the 10 qualifying years of NIC may miss out.

So what happens next?

The government is going to write to individuals who have not accumulated  the correct amount of qualifying years of NIC. In particular, individuals who are less than 9 years from their state pension age and who do not presently qualify for the new state pension will receive a letter.

Although individuals could wait for the letter, we recommend that you act now. In fact, we would recommend that all individuals ask for a statement!

rior to the implementation of RTI, we know that some contribution records were set against the wrong National Insurance number thanks to errors committed by employers. If there are errors, individuals should set about repairing their NIC history as soon as possible.

Individuals can obtain a statement  about their entitlement to the new state pension by using the government gateway here or by calling 0800 731 7898 (select option 1) or 0800 731 7399 (option 1).

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